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What is Heirloom Seed?

An article by Shannon Draper of The Gravel Garden My definition of an heirloom vegetable (and there are a few) is the seed that has been nurtured and saved over generations. These seeds were smuggled over borders and seas in times of strife. Often sown into hemlines and jackets; immigrants from all over have always […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At Urban Harvest, we integrate ‘waste materials’ into our innovative designs. This keeps our prices low while helping, in our little way, to keep landfills clear.  Wine bottles, wine barrels, old roof tiles, rubble, scrap wood and tyres are some of the readily available ‘waste’ resources we utilize in making our gardens functional and beautiful. […]

Michelle Obama plants White House food garden This news media reports that the first lady suggested an organic vegetable garden at the White House, partly to bring organic vegetables to the presidential family and partly to educate on the importance of good nutrition. The orchard produces 55 varieties of fruits and vegetables including among others, lettuce, onions,cucumbers, spinach and broccoli. Part […]