Keep it Fresh!

By installing an edible garden for your business you’ll enjoy on-site access to fresh herbs, edible flowers and vegetables and save yourself money, while creating a beautiful environment for your staff and clients and open up new marketing opportunities

Our unique wooden planters make beautiful and highly productive rooftop or balcony gardens and are ideal for greening restaurants, hotels and corporate buildings.

We call these our Instant Kitchen Gardens (IKG) because they are so quick to install and so quick to produce the freshest, tastiest herbs and veggies. You’ll be harvesting within three weeks!

270 gardens installed


Keep it Growing! 

We’ll make it easy! … At Urban harvest we ensure the ongoing productivity and aesthetic of your new edible garden by providing you with our Edumaintenance™ service and tending to you and your garden on a regular basis.

At each visit our team will work with your staff to keep your garden flourishing.  Over the months, they’ll learn hands-on how to manage the garden and eventually you’ll graduate to self-sustainability!

Our Edumaintenance™ service includes delivery & installation of ongoing seasonal seeds & seedlings, top-ups of mulch, fertilizers, organic pesticides, trellising and more as needed.

270 gardens maintained

diy support

We’ll tailor design a course to suit your business needs.  Whether it’s a team-building plant day at one of our community projects, a few optional lunch time sessions introducing staff to your new garden or a formal weekend workshop on DIY home gardening, we’ll make it happen, for you.

202 clients graduated to self sustainability