Through valuable corporate social investments (CSI) our unique school community food-garden model ensures highly productive gardens & inspiring ‘garden champions’ that generate food, incomes and skills for our beneficiaries and their surrounding communities.


Build it right! …

A well equipped, eco-logically designed garden, which is socially appropriate & context specific is our first step to community garden success!

That is why we work closely with our corporate clients and our beneficiary communities’ to create a shared vision and initiate food garden projects that create employment and feed hundreds of people everyday.

Potential Sponsors can contact us for a meeting and a tour of one of our award winning Community Food Gardens.

270 gardens installed


Keep it Growing! …

A large food garden requires consistent, skilled care! And, as such our Garden Champions and gardens thrive from ongoing, reliable support.

With regular visits our EdumaintenanceTM team provides educational, maintenance and resource support to our community ‘garden champions’ and allows us to monitor, evaluate and improve each project through the seasons.

By holding our clients hands’ we are able to ensure the best possible growth of our projects, people and plants!

270 gardens maintained

diy support

We know that growing skills is essential for sustainable food production and community development, so every installation is followed with an intensive training course for our beneficiaries and their broader community.

In this way we teach and inspire community members to initiate and care for new food gardens thus creating food security networks and markets for garden resources generated by garden champions.

These courses are an integral part of our community garden installations, but Ad hoc courses for you and your organization are also available upon request

202 clients graduated to self sustainability