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  1. joan March 27, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    wow this is soo cool .I am starting an organic veggi garden in oceanview when i get back from the u.k in sept.I leave on 12 may what do i doin the meantime to enrich my soil so i can use the soil in my own garden to start with ,i have lived, in my home for 18 years never used poisin and had my grey water watering my garden since then .now i would love some advice as to getting seeds for sastaining the food garden in oceanview and at my home,would also love some ducks for my snails.My wormery has been attacked by gekgos and now have very few worms left,pls help if u can as to where to get seeds that will grow for some time and reproduce more seeds .Sorry i live in Capri village and my compost is also mostly from my trees and kitchen waste and has moved round my garden for years.j

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