Urban Harvest Launches New 1 Day Edible Garden Set-Up Offer

We Have launched an exciting NEW SERVICE, “The 1 day Set-Up”…

Urban Harvest can completely Set-Up a 20 square meter edible garden in your home in 1 visit!  This allows us to fully establish an ecological design suited to your context and budget and to have in place, from DAY ONE, a system which has the potential for real sustainability.

After 1 day you can experience your edible garden, and we get to see the smile on your face immediately!

Yesterday, 3rd of August, Urban Harvest completed it’s first 1 day Set-Up for Lynn Wengrowe in Kenilworth, Cape Town (who came to us via the website). We received this email the same evening (exact exert):

“I’ve just paid R2000 into your account and we are
absolutely delighted with today’s progress. Am feeling a real sense of
gratitude around us having made this decision to invest in this ‘programme’,
and blessed around the kind of energy that was brought into our home
by Ben and your two team members and generally just feeling very privileged to even embark upon this journey! Thanks guys – I think you have a very wonderful experience to offer! Lynn”

Contact us now for a free consultation

info@urbanharvest.co.za | 0724752977

“Let’s Grow Together”

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