Perennial food forest at The Haven Night Shelter

Over the past three days Urban Harvest installed a low maintenance perennial food forest at The Haven in District Six

The Project was initiated by Anna Shevel of City of Eden and supported by generous donations of resources from Reliance Compost, Greenpop, JKT Transport and of course Urban Harvest…

The work could not have been done without these valuable donations and without the help of The Haven Residents (especially Daniel, Dean and Johnathan – pictured below) and the fantastic volunteers from City of Eden, Miss Earth and beyond…

This will be a deliciously fragrant garden which will beautify the space and provide useful culinary and medicinal herbs to the Haven

This was an inspiring and fun experience for Urban Harvest! OUR 230th Garden installed!!! Thanks for this opportunity to do more of what we love to do:)

IMG_1392 IMG_1421 IMG_1430 IMG_1427



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